Best Bitcoin Robots

Top 10 Bitcoin Robots

Bitcoin robots are the automated trading software that provides a complete scan of the market and helps in taking an analytical decision.

These include the decision to increase the profit by minimizing the risk. These robots make trading more efficient with analysis of all data to help the user in decision making. With a rise in the popularity of Bitcoin trading, there is much software in the market that claims a high return with the investment. Therefore, it becomes imperative to know the legitimacy of their claims in the first place. In the coming section, the top ten Bitcoin robots have been reviewed and enlisted

The ranking has been made considering attributes like legitimacy, success rate, user-friendliness, and customer support team. This list will provide you an insight into the claims and the efficiency of these Bitcoin robots, to make a correct decision for Bitcoin trading.






T&Cs Apply 

  • Success rate of 88%
  • Investments as low as $250
  • Has swift deposit and withdrawal method


T&Cs Apply 

  • It has Bitcoin trading software
  • A good claimed success rate
  • For professional Bitcoin traders


T&Cs Apply 

  • Strategies for short selling
  • It works on an algorithm
  • It is a web trader


T&Cs Apply 

  • 100% legit platform
  • For investment community
  • User friendly and sophisticated


T&Cs Apply 

  • With a decent success rate
  • Mostly for new traders
  • Platform is also commendable


T&Cs Apply 

  • The minimum deposit is $250
  • It offers free software for trading
  • User-Friendly Interface


T&Cs Apply 

  • Automated trading platform
  • For crypto market and industry
  • It is legit platform


T&Cs Apply 

  • Bitcoin Code is NOT a scam
  • Profit Ratio 99.4%
  • Works on Mobile and Computer


T&Cs Apply 

  • 100% legit trading platform
  • An optimization algorithm
  • With qualitative analysis techniques


T&Cs Apply 

  • 88% Success Rate
  • Bitcoin Reveloution is Not a Scam
  • Easy & Fast Withdrawals


1. Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution is a 100% legit auto trading software that is designed to make trading decisions based on the rising and fall of the market. It offers free-to-use software to its users. Its main earning is based on the volume of traders rather than a subscription model. It’s a user-friendly platform with an impressive claimed success rate of 94%. It also provides the option of a demo account for the tutorial which helps the users to get families with the software. It also provides a dedicated customer support team that is available on call, live chat and mail. You can begin your trading with as low as $250 with a withdrawal option of profit within 24 hours. It is popular trading software, which provides high returns if used properly and professionally.

2. Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Billionaire is a niche community of Bitcoin traders with automated Bitcoin trading software. Bitcoin billionaire is a legitimate and real system with a good claimed success rate. The only drawback associated with it is the fact that only 50 members are invited every year to join the platform. The software platform is very much efficient and has a proven success rate, therefore pretty popular among the professional Bitcoin traders.

3. Bitcoin Superstar

Bitcoin Superstar is a legit platform. It has software that performs trading on behalf of its users. It is based on proven crypto trading strategies. These strategies involve short selling, through which users can bet on the falling price. It provides the user an opportunity to generate return even with the falling price of Bitcoin. It is a web trader, accessible both on web and mobile interface. It works on an algorithm that does the trading research and gives automated instructions to select a broker system.

4. Bitcoin Lifestyle

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a 100% legit platform that has gained immense popularity for the return it provides to its members. It has been recognized as one of the major Bitcoin platforms by the majority of the investment community. It provides proper assistance to newbies to understand the trade. It is user friendly and sophisticated and at the same time caters to the need of both newbies and professionals.

5. Bitcoin Circuit

Bitcoin Circuit has innovative software with a user-friendly interface. This makes it a popular choice between the new traders. It’s a legit trading software with a decent success rate. The main advantage of using this trading software is the fact that it helps beginners to trade efficiently. Secondly, the return provided by this platform is also commendable. Bitcoin Circuit has many testimonials to second its performance claims. With the efficiency and success rate involved, it is a good option for both professional and new traders.

6. Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit has been created by Jhon Mayers and claims to operate 0.01 second faster than the market on an average, to provide the right trading signals. Its fast speed helps the user to make good profit in Bitcoin trading. It is more designed for inexperienced users, who need faster software to earn a better profit. This application provides the user all trading signals for free and does all the purchase and sale of Bitcoin automatically with the help of their selected brokers, inside the platform. They claim 1% of the profit made by the user as their fees. With a claimed success rate of 92%, it is a good option for the traders. You also don’t need any Bitcoin wallet with the use of this software. This is because the software doesn’t buy the actual Bitcoin, but does the trading of cryptocurrency and makes the profit on winning the trade.

7. Bitcoin Rush

With the live test and reviews that have been given by customers, it can be construed that Bitcoin Rush is a legit platform. It claims to provide high returns to its clients which are seconded by the client’s testimonials. Though it is advisable, to begin with, a minimum amount and exceed further only after you become comfortable with the trading platform. It is a fully automated trading platform, therefore, no prior experience is needed to operate it. However, it is advisable to keep an update on the latest developments occurring in the crypto market and industry. With this knowledge, you will get an idea of the best time to start and close the trading. Trading software helps to make more money during high volatility time, so its best not to miss it.

Bitcoin Rush leverages the trading signals using its algorithm to help the user to make the decision. Bitcoin Rush performs both fundamental and technical analysis. Its fundamental analysis involves an analysis of quality data such as news. While the technical analysis takes into accounts the quantitative data such as price chart, its a nice trading platform both for beginners and professionals, if market news is followed constantly and the platform is used efficiently.

8. Bitcoin Code

Bitcoin Code claims a success rate of 94.4%, which is one of the reasons that it is ranked so high on the list. Its analytical skills are ranked based on the success rate it provides in making the right decision. This trading software provides a huge return even with a little investment of $250. It has an easy registration process and does not possess restrictions on the number of members to join the group. Its success rate and user-friendly interface make it a good choice for Bitcoin trading.

9. Bitcoin News Trader

Bitcoin News Trader is a 100% legit trading platform. It claims to provide the highest return-on-investment with an optimization algorithm. Also, the return is shared in real-time with the traders. It has an easy investment procedure which makes it popular between the new traders. Bitcoin News Trader’s robots act as news trawlers. Its intelligence hub explores the news of crypto media, to explore the news items which could trigger the markets up and down. It has a user-friendly platform which makes it easy to use for beginners. Its auto-trade function is highly efficient and provides a high return. Users have also given a positive testimonial claiming that it is efficient with use and performance. It’s a nice trading platform with its qualitative analysis techniques. It is advisable to invest with fewer amounts at the beginning to get a better understanding of the working before making a major investment decision.

10. Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution is one of the trading platforms which helps to generate high revenue with a claimed success rate of 88%. A trader can begin its trading with investments as low as $250. The platform accepts both debit and credit card which is an added advantage. It provides a superior trading technology with a swift deposit and withdrawal method. It’s a legit platform with a low deposit option. The platform also provides you the option to withdraw money whenever you want, without any floor limit. So, even if you are a beginner or an expert, this trading platform can satiate all your needs with a high success rate.


These Bitcoin robots are far more effective than the human trading capacity with high analysis speed of all the information available, though there is risk involved for relying completely on robots for trading. If the traders gain good knowledge and invest wisely than these robots can magnify their profits. It is an easier option than manual trading and could be very helpful if used discretionally. To conclude, before investing in any Bitcoin robot, good research on its legitimacy and efficiency will be a great help. So, invest wisely in Bitcoin and magnify your return with the use most suitable Bitcoin robot for your trading.