Bitcoin News Trader Review

Bitcoin News Trader Review 2020

Bitcoin trade has shown a sudden rise in recent times where more and more people around the world are getting aware of the platform. This interest of the masses has allowed this trading platform to gain more and more trust from their clients. In the coming section, Bitcoin News Trader Review has been done. It will give you an idea as to whether Bitcoin News Trader is a suitable trading platform for you or not.

Bitcoin News Trader Reviews

What is a Bitcoin News Trader?

This is a trading software which deals in cryptocurrency. It operates based on trade indicators signals given by the market. Its one of the strong algorithms analyzes the market and produces trading options. It is available both in automated trading and manual mode.

How Does Bitcoin News Trader Work?

Working Procedure of System

In this review, we found that you get started with a very simple step to follow for making a profit. These are as follows:

Step 1: Register: You need to fill a registration form with name and email detail. If the trading app will be available in your country you will get approval from the website. Then, we suggest you start with a demo account.

Step 2: Fund: You need to make a minimum initial investment of $250 to begin the trading. There is no hidden charge associated with it.

Step 3: Start trading: Click on the trade button and start using the bitcoin trade software. It has both fully auto trading and manual options available.

Is Bitcoin News Trader Legit?

Yes! in the Bitcoin News Trader review we found that it is a complete legit platform with no Bitcoin trader scams.

Is Bitcoin News Trader a Good Option?

Features of Trade System

  • ~ High-performance rate: This crypto trading platform has shown a high accuracy rate in its live trade performance. The website claims Bitcoin News Trader to have a performance rate of 99.4% but the actual accuracy rate is 88% which is quite high then one of the best platforms.

  • ~ Top-notch technology: It has been made with one of the best-advanced technology designs which keep this software 0.01 times ahead of the market. As the website claims that the speed provides you a great advantage and high success rate in BTC trading.

  • ~ Automated and manual option: The platform comes with both automated and manual options. Its automated mode is known as “Trading Robots“which can execute trades 24/7. Similarly, Bitcoin News Trader has manual mode also where the customers can choose settings according to their preference. In this manner, it caters both beginners and experienced traders.

  • ~ Good for both beginners and experienced traders: BBitcoin News Trader is a good option for both beginners and experienced traders. It has both automated and manual options available. In both cases, it has been seen that the system has generated good profit.

Minimum deposit


Trading Mode

Both automated and manual mode

Success rate


Payment & withdrawal mode

Debit and credit card

Pros & Cons of Bitcoin News Trader


  • ~ Free of cost software & easy to use

  • ~ Both manual and automated options available.

  • ~ Trading app

  • ~ Safe and secure


  • ~ The verification process is necessary for trading on Bitcoin News Trader

  • ~ Analyze news for generating signals rather than Quantitative data

  • ~ No identity of the creator.

Final Verdict

In Bitcoin News Trader Review it has been found that It is a good platform for trade. There is no proof that it appears on the British TV show Dragons’ Den. The system also opts for the verification process before allowing permission to the customers to begin the trade. Where beginners can choose the automated mode, and earn profit with its high success rate. The experienced traders can adjust the setting following their needs. So you can opt for the trading platform without any Hassle.


1: Is Bitcoin News Trader a scam?

Ans: No, it is a completely legitimate platform without any scam.

2: How much time do I need to invest in a robot?

Ans: There is no fixed time limit, but you need to invest in 15 minutes on this platform.

3: How much money can I make through Bitcoin News Trader?

Ans: There is no limit to making money on this platform, it depends on your investment.

4: Are there any charges on software?

Ans: No, the software is completely free, and no hidden charges & commission on this platform.

5: Is Bitcoin News Trader associated with Elon musk?

Ans: No, there is no link between these two.